Samer Anabtawi 

Student, Energy System


T: 1.905.232.7300

Industrial Engineering student with a focus in Operations Research and minoring in Artificial Intelligence. 

I’m in METSCO to add value to projects using what I have learned in university as well as learn from the many professionals around me. I would like to see how the techniques I’ve learned in university can be used in real life applications and how I can alter the methods to fit different scenarios. I see my time in METSCO as an opportunity to broaden my areas of knowledge and pick up new skills that can only be learned in a thriving environment.

I’m curious about history and geography. I like to learn about different cultures and languages to draw similarities between 2 unrelated groups of people, which can teach a lot about human nature. I enjoy watching and reading debates on various topics, which gives me the chance to learn new information from different perspectives. Above all, I enjoy watching and playing soccer.



  • Industrial Engineering – University of Toronto, completed 3 out of 4 years (pursuing)