Chris Rockx

Associate, Engineer in Training


T: 1.905.232.7300

I am a professional with a broad understanding of the energy sector spanning policy, chemical energy sources, mechanical processes, and electrical transmission and distribution of energy. I excel at analyzing systems from the bottom-up to gain insights into areas of strength and weakness at multiple levels of aggregation. I seek efficiency in my work and have a passion for bridging the gap between technical engineering concepts and business decisions.

At METSCO, I focus in the area of asset management to develop and improve intelligent decision-making algorithms and workflows to bring optimal support and recommendations to our clients. I enjoy projects which allow us to exercise our professional and academic experiences to innovate and bring new value to our clients.

To help our clients take advantage of their data streams and expert knowledge to draw actionable conclusions about the state of their systems and operations, and highlight avenues for continued success.
My first part-time jobs were working as a line cook. The constant pressure and stress inherent in this environment relied on proper teamwork, trust, and effective communication. These experiences and the people I worked with helped me understand how to maintain an enjoyable and productive workplace atmosphere—being an effective asset to the company and knowing how to have fun while doing it.

I look back at these experiences as providing an avenue for me to learn and enjoy cooking, which I now use as a means of relaxing. I also enjoy playing team-centric video games and biking in my spare time.



  • Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Engineering Science  University of Toronto