We are power sector engineers and management consultants joined in our belief that utilities can be both technologically robust and affordable for their customers – today and into the future.

We approach every project with a unique blend of engineering, economics and management science tools appropriate in each context, delivering new age insights grounded in old school expertise.

You can find our associates anywhere from station switchyards to corporate board rooms – we are equally adept at doing work in PPE and helping you optimize your PP&E portfolio.

We help clients in many industries extract more value from their assets and operations.


Generation, Transmission, and Distribution companies trust METSCO with their most pressing engineering, asset management and corporate strategy objectives related to capital and infrastructure projects.

Petrochemicals and Manufacturing

METSCO’s field services and engineering experts design, inspect and help implement a variety of projects that help our clients improve power quality, maintain safety, and optimize electrical asset performance.


Our civil and electrical infrastructure experts help municipalities and utilities undertake complex asset planning and relocation work supporting new transportation projects.


Energy sector policymakers and regulators rely on METSCO to help them determine the most economic course of action in implementing new policies or evaluating upcoming investment decisions.

Financial Services

METSCO helps utilities, pension funds, and private equity firms evaluate investment opportunities, identify pre/post-M&A asset integration strategies and develop plans to enhance productivity and profitability.